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The Floor & More Cleaning Experts

People on a cleaned ceramic tile floorUsing only the most advanced technology, we employ our unique four-step method to clean and restore your surfaces.

Step One: Pre-Treatment

We use eco-friendly, deep cleaning solutions to loosen the ingrained dirt that has built up over time, because simple mopping or vacuuming won’t remove it.

Step Two: Pressure

Depending on the surface, we pre-select the correct cleaning water pressure, ranging from very low on more sensitive materials up to 3000psi on more resilient surfaces, to penetrate and agitate the toughest dirt and prevent any damage.

Step Two: Heat

Our patented floor tool applies heated water at 200+ degrees to assure thorough cleaning.

Step Four: Vacuum

At the same time the water is being applied, it’s vacuum-extracted through the same tool, removing not only the excess water, but also the vast majority of the soil load.